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XML API Integration

As the day passes by, the travel sector is becoming more and more competitive and booking a flight ticket for small scale travel agents is getting harder due to travel giants in the market offering myriad offers and deals on worldwide flights.

To give a neutral option or even better to those surviving small scale travel agents, Air Travel Guide has developed which enables you to sell flight tickets from an enormous list of global airlines carrying travellers across the world.

API Integration - A Savoir of Small Scale Travel Agents

API is the abbreviation of Application Programming Interface which is an advanced option we provide at Air Travel Guide that helps you to legally access our products and groom your business whilst using our facilities. Get enabled with API integration from ATG and get the access of:

  • Flight Searches on both Domestic and International routes
  • Quick Response
  • Integration Support
  • Real Time Booking
  • Access to Cancel, re-issue and booking of flight tickets

Benefits of API Integration with Air Travel Guide

Get the access to the everlasting services and database with API integration from Air Travel Guide and groom your business with ample advantages like:

Save Time

The booking process of flights is much easier and understandable due to smooth and user-friendly interface provided just to save your valuable time in cruciel moments.

Money Saving

In the start-up phase, money saving can be a major concern and newbie agent may ask for the best facilities while paying the least in maintanance and installation. Avail API Integration from Air Travel Guide, you don't only get the feature to book instantly but also get the feature of real-time pricing which saves a huge amount of cost.

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